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We're two weeks into 2017 and nothing's exploded at Talsorian, which is nice. We had a bit of a rough December, with half the staff falling prey to a nasty flu but we're back on our feet and hating life a little less! Work on Witcher continues and I wanted to get on and talk a bit about Nilfgaard.

In the process of writing the PNP RPG for the Witcher we've discovered there are a lot of mysterious places in the Witcher world and not all of them are meant to be that way. Looking through all the material we have to draw from, it became obvious pretty soon that most of the vast expanse that we call Nilfgaard is reasonably uncharted. Very few cities are mentioned, only 8 or 9 people are ever mentioned from each vassal state, their religion and cultures are almost unknown. We're aware that there have been more in depth explanations, such as the old PNP RPG that was only released in Polish, (to my knowledge), but unfortunately those aren't included in our list of sources we can draw from. So the vast majority of the land is essentially unknown.

Obviously this isn't the way it will be in the final product. Not only would it be foolish to leave so much of the known world vague but we want players to be able to play Nilfgaardian/Vassal State characters. There's a lot to be said for being a Nilfgaardian spy, a Mettinese cavalryman, etc. And considering the reasonably small time line of Nilfgaardian expansion, characters in their 30 or 40s who come from vassal countries like Angren, Nazair and Mag Turga were alive before they were absorbed into Nilfgaard allowing for interesting plot points.

So we've been collecting all the information we can find about Nilfgaard, the Great Sun and all of the Nilfgaardian Vassal States. We'll be working with experts at CDPR to build accurate lore and interesting descriptions for these vast areas. Our goal is to create a fully fledged game where you can set your campaign anywhere from the top of the North to bottom of Nilfgaard and have enough information to run an interesting game.

Written by Lisa Pondsmith — January 11, 2017

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