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Hey there, everyone! It's been a busy time for us here at Talsorian. Last week we were running around the convention floor at the GAMA Trade Show, scoping out the industry and talking to distributors and retailers about the Witcher RPG! Back at the office, things are going well and the book's layout is coming along smoothly. I want to talk about the world state part of the GM section. One of the great things about setting the PNP RPG in-between the settings of the Witcher 2 and the Witcher 3 is that the setting can change based on the events of the first 2 Witcher video games. I know that I love to reference things that happened in my play-throughs. It allows you to continue your story that you played through in the Witcher video games. And if you haven't played any of the Witcher video games, this small section allows you to customize the world that you play in. All of the major world decisions are listed with their outcome.

Granted, this choice can be difficult. Describing world lore in other sections of the book without mentioning any of the direct outcomes is a bit challenging, (especially when you have to describe the fate of an entire region). But we feel that it would be cheating to just decide on one world state and throw all of the other options to the four winds. If you played the video games we want you to be able to play in the world that you built and if you didn't play the video games we want you to be able to customize your world and decide how the events of the first two Witcher games unfolded.

Written by Lisa Pondsmith — March 22, 2017

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