R.Talsorian Games Inc.

Chromebook 3/4


In this special compilation of our hit Chromebooks 3 and 4, we give you just what you need to be totally CYBERPUNK:
•Cyberware: Over 80 new ways to maximize your metal!
•Tech Gear & Electronics: Dozens of new gadgets, testers, tracers and new rules to use them!
•Personal Comps: For power no cyberdeck can touch!
•Vehicles: Cars, trucks, jets, AVs & more!
•Softwear: Stuff so scary, even Rache Bartmoss doesn't have it!
•Bioware: Skip the metal. Boost the meat!
•Fashion: Dress to Kill. And then some!
•Robots: Power Armors, Cyberpets & max machines-!
•Full Body Borgs: Go total metal!
•Cyberdecks: Blazing speed, ultimate portability.

From flying cars to high-tech bioforms, it's all here; where you want it, complete and back in print! So when you want the Style and need the Substance, set your download to Chromebook 3/4 -- the ultimate guide to CYBERPUNK life!


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