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Cyberpunk RED Four Pin Set

Sold out.

Celebrate Cyberpunk RED and add some style to your substance with enamel images of

  • Cyberdude (aka the Cyberpunk 2020 cover Edgerunner)
  • Danger Gal Logo
  • Chibi GRAF3 (aka My First GRAF3)
  • Siete (aka the Cyberpunk RED cover Edgerunner)

There's even more! On the back of the pin card are four new items to include in your Cyberpunk RED game:

  • Chipware Compartment (new Cybereye Option)
  • Smart Lens (new gear)
  • MicroCutie by Hello Cutie (new Medium Pistol)
  • Superflash Jacket (new fashion) 

Maybe this time you can do more than save yourself. Maybe.


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