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Researching Medicine

Kidnapping is on the rise in Night City. Some are being reported, others are only mentioned in hushed whispers among the juves at the mall. Find out what's behind these mysterious disappearances, and how you can save someone from disappearing...

In this sourcebook watch as the players get to see how far someone will go to research the Carbon Plague. In turn they will see how the ISA reacts to such rogue research. So duck underneath the knife and see what you can understand.

Researching Medicine includes:

  • A new YoGang, the MASHers. A bunch of medically minded juves.
  • A new evolved type, Medics, who can patch up your injured juves.
  • Information on Medtechies. Where they are now and what they can do.
  • A new optional rule to help improve characters.
  • A YoGang, the Red Fists, to use in your campaigns.


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