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2027: Once, the global computer net promised unparalleled data access to citizens from around the world. But now the ISA is here, and the Net is under martial law, with all movement rigidly controlled by government and corporate watchdogs.

But they've made one mistake: they've pissed off Rache Bartmoss, dead NetRunner par excellence, and he's revving up the CyberRevolution to do something about it ...

In this Documents of the Revolution book, Rache Bartmoss and his companion, Spider Murphy, detail the state of occupation under which the former United States Computer Grid now resides. They lay out the facts on the new Net and the Wizards' special relationship to this electronic fantasyland that has come to entangle itself so heavily with realspace.

The VirtualFront Sourcebook includes:
  • Two New Yogangs: The virtuality-twisting V-punks and the data-snatching Networkers.
  • Loads of info on how the Net and Virtuality operate and interact with the world of 2027.
•A whole bunch of new Net and V-space equipment and programs.
•Rache's answers to questions about Wizards and how they work, including new abilities that they can learn.
•Profiles on the new forces in the Net: AIM Overwatch and the Cyberspace Task Force.
•A complete adventure in the which the characters answer a Netspace cry for help, only to find a being that shouldn't exist...

So come ride with Rache once again as he takes you screaming past the electronic barricades and right over the top!


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